My story

From crying myself to sleep, to taking action to support what I wanted to see in the mirror (and then to support others too!)

This is my story.  This is the reality of how things used to be for me.  And this is how I got to where I am today, and also why I want to share what I’ve learned and support others!

The reflection in the mirror was telling me I'm never going to look good enough, feel good enough, or be good enough. 

On top of that, long hours at work were sucking the life out of me.  

This is what led to me crying myself to sleep countless nights before addressing the real problems.  

I had been chasing diets, blindly listening to others when they talked about how “you shouldn’t eat dairy,” or whatever the hot food-group-to-cancel was that week. 

I became more discouraged, I would lose weight just to gain it back the next week… Why weren't these quick fixes not working!?!  

I needed to change my approach.  

So, I immediately stopped all that, and dove into all things nutrition and health, and really took the time to learn--for me!  I studied the reasoning behind every fad diet you’ve ever heard of, I charted out the building blocks of proteins, fats, and carbs, and discovered the factual nutritional needs for athletic performance.  

Then, I used my degree and background in education to develop a step-by-step process that can take people from the basics to the advanced, that addresses each of our social and emotional connections to food, and packaged it into what I call the Nutrition For Life Project.  

Your experiences around food are unique, personal, and REAL to YOU.  I wish this process of building healthy habits, and understanding the surrounding details, was available to me 8 years ago.  

Since then, I’ve read the books, I’ve tried the diets (seriously… Keto, Weight Watches, macros, fasting, low carb, etc.), and I’ve tracked every detail!  And here’s where I’ll share some of my stories, experiences, lessons, and tips in the hopes of supporting others. Ideally, all of us get to the point where we love what we see in the mirror, and no one has to cry themselves to sleep again!

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