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Christmas, New Years, and a Bumpdate!

Why Skipping Meals Isn't The Answer To Your Weight Loss Goals

Ah, yes, "The Holidays!"... Wait, we gain an average of how many pounds this time of year??

Are You Eating Too Much Fruit?!

A Stream of Consciousness Post: A bump-date, are lectins poisonous?, should you be worried about insulin resistance, and sunsets!

Happy Thanksgiving Week! Let's talk about eating over the holidays!

10 Fun Facts About Me and How I Got Here!

Working Out While Pregnant: The Science + My Personal Experiences Thus Far

The Immediacy of our Society is Killing Our Goals!

3-2-1: Pregnancy Updates, Favorite Instagram Accounts, (Another) Book Review

Book Review: "Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy" by Walter C. Willett

I can't even today!

How to Decide Your Goal Weight

Some Personal News: I'm pregnant!

What’s a "Food Desert" and do you live in one?

DNA Diets: A new trend... but can they really do what they claim?

6 Things to Share because I couldn't decide on one!

Do you suffer from ANXIETY?!

What is NEAT and why should you care about it?

You don’t have to be ON or perfect all the time!

I love watching the CrossFit Games. Here's 6 reasons why.

We know fitness is important, but how much do we need to decrease all-cause mortality?

What are you READY, WILLING, and ABLE to do to get what you want?

How to Combat Ingrained Stereotypes about Foods

How to constructively talk to kids about nutrition

Is your appetite suppressed when it’s HOT out?!

5 things I was thankful for over the weekend

Get the facts!

5 Important Things to Share!

Supplements: What I take, Why, and How to decide what might be right for you!

Trust Your Gut! And keep it healthy!

How accurately do you know your food intake?!

Alcohol: The Impacts of Drinking on Your Goals

Trust Me, You Don’t Want a Meal Plan!

3-2-1: Instagram Accounts, Pet Peeves, and Upsetting Changes

Let's talk about SEX baby!

What About Those "Healthier" Ice Cream Options?

Can we treat our approaches to FOOD and MONEY similarly?

The Beauty of Eating the Same(ish) Things All The Time

It's not your fault, but you can do something about it!

If Consistency is King, then consider me the Queen ;)

A Mistake I made + Some Perspective on Weight

Some thoughts on International Women's Day...

The world is STRESSED right now... Are you?

Happy TWOsday! Here's a 3-2-1 for ya!

My Experiences and Thoughts on Tracking Food

How to Rely Less on Motivation

My experiences eating (and drinking!) on vacation...

My Thoughts on Diet Culture

You are worthy of self-love and acceptance

A podcast episode worth checking out!

What are your "LEAKS"??