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The Success Equation in Nutrition and Fitness: Embracing the Power of Useful Failures

The Universe, Time, and Your Health and Fitness Journey: All Never-Ending Things!

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The Psychology Behind Trying to "Out-Exercise" a Poor Diet

Working From Home and Unlimited Access to Food!

Tell People What You're Working On... For Accountability and Support

Making Constructive Mindset Shifts (and not worrying about the pre-baby number on the scale!)

Personal Updates: Baby Bea is 6 months old, Baby Led Weaning, and Mama's Progress!

5 Things You Can Do Today To Improve The Results of Your Workouts!

The Difference Between Mindfulness and Overthinking

Use the Back-to-School Season to create new routines!

Trust Me: Including "Bad Foods" Can Support Your Goals

Stop Worrying About the Details and Work on the Big Picture First!

Do What You Say You're Going to Do

How to Create Wholesome and Balanced Meals!

~18 Weeks Postpartum Update: Fitness, Weight Loss, and Baby Bea is 4 months old!

It's okay to do things your own way!

Navigating the Grocery Store: How to Make Healthy Choices in Every Aisle

Two Thoughts to Share: Pigeonholing Ourselves and A Reminder to Ask Questions!

Guest Post from NFLP Intern Brianna: The Realities of Peanut Allergies

Trying Everything and Still Struggling to Lose Weight? Read this post!

Book Review: "Atomic Habits" by James Clear

My Random Thoughts: A baby update, personal update, ASL, social media, and flowers!

Nutrition Labels in Europe vs. the US

What I'm Not Doing: Working on Getting My "Body Back" After Pregnancy... Here's Why.

Seasonal Allergies and Nutrition

My New eBook! Why I Wrote It, What You Can Expect From It, and Why I Think You Should Read it!

Baby Beatrix is 1 Month Old!: Some Thoughts On Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum Experiences So Far

How Do You *ACTUALLY* Achieve Your Body Composition Goals?

Why Do Our Diets Fail??

Guest Post From NFLP Intern Brianna: My Experiences Navigating Food Allergies

Guest Post from NFLP Intern Brianna: How I Got Into Nutrition

Guest Post From Jarrod Davis, Professional Mentor and My Baby Daddy ;)

Got Cravings?? Question and Respond to Them!

The World Obesity Atlas predicts over half of the global population will be overweight or obese by 2035...

It's Baby Month! A T-minus 4 Weeks Update!

Do Less Better.

3-2-1: 3 Pregnancy Updates, 2 Posts to Check Out, and 1 Metaphor!

I love coffee AND sleep! Let's understand how one impacts the other!

Pregnancy and Weight Gain: Balancing the realities and our mentality!

Challenges Are a Part of Life: We Can Choose Some To Avoid Others

A Bumpdate: Almost 31 Weeks!

What's "Upstream" From What You Want? What's Your Environment Like?

It's Never Going To Be The Right Time! Stop Waiting! Move Forward!

Is That Supplement Right For You?: 8 Things to Consider About Product Effectiveness!